Our Firm

Iure Licet Abogados law firm is the natural evolution of the firm Lledo Abogados, which since 2001 has provided legal services to companies, individuals and local government, based on rigor, effectiveness, and competent legal provision.

Just as Lledo Abogados was a combination of sober academic training and practical consolidated experience, Iure Licet Abogados, under the aegis of its founding partners, Francisco Lledó Yagüe and Oscar Monje Balmaseda, is the result of a comprehensive outlook that gives priority, first to professional services, and then to on-going legal training, since laws change in the increasing specialisations required nowadays.

In addition to the Senior Partners, Iure Licet Abogados has a competent Team of Lawyers in the major Areas of Specialisation of the office and can call on the collaboration of a number of External Advisors, related to the firm, whose origin in the world of universities and the public sector mean that the firm can provide legal services that are not restricted purely to the realm of conflict or litigation.

Iure Licet Abogados