Iure Licet Abogados is one of the leading law firms based in Bilbao. Since 2001 it provides legal advisory services to companies and individuals, based on the principles of quality, efficiency and independence.

The extensive academic path and consolidated practical experience of its Founding partners, Francisco Lledó Yagüe and Oscar Monje Balmaseda, accompanied by a highly qualified Human Team skilled in the firm’s main Areas of Specialization, allows the firm to offer its clients personalized legal services, in the most complex situations, where technical rigour, rapid response and professional ethics are the firm’s fundamental mainstays.

The human factor and specialization is the key to success. A close relationship, constant information and trust with the client, combined with the success in the case entrusted, is the ultimate goal of our professional activity, for which we place at your disposal all our human and material resources, with a focus on professionals in continuous training and adaptation to current legal, economic, social and technological challenges.

Our accumulated professionalism and prestige allows the firm to extend its field of action through stable partnerships or collaboration agreements with firms with a proven track record in Madrid, Barcelona, A Coruña, Palma de Mallorca, Seville and Malaga, among other centres of activity, as well as relying on the collaboration of an important team of External Advisors, associated with the firm, from the academic world and private companies, which enable the provision of comprehensive and multidisciplinary legal services of the highest quality.